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One superior quality hand-embroidered cushion cover, elephant motif with hearts on canvas, with plain black fabric back.

These covers are hand stitched by women from the hill tribes of northern Thailand. They are beautiful pieces of Thai culture. Each one is individual, takes many hours of intricate bead and needlework, and it is difficult to find two exactly the same. They are works of art representing a culture, centuries old.

Canvas is embroidered with sequins and/or tiny beads to make up the design and central motif. Lines and outer fill are stitched with metallic thread in gold, silver and bronze colors. Glass beads and faux pearls are introduced to surround the elephant motifs.

If you are seeking machine-honed perfection, duplicated many thousands of times, this product is not for you. These covers are unique, personal and full of character. Once owned, seldom parted. They require minimal washing. Like fine art, they become a part of your surroundings. They absorb your lifestyle, your moods, your journey. They witness and encapsulate your being. You'll enjoy their beautiful imperfection. And those who visit you will remark on their sublime nature.

If you order more than one, we will endeavor to match them as closely as possible. But please remember, some of the detail in the covers you receive will be slightly different to the photo you see here. You'll appreciate it isn't possible to photograph every one, individually. The general design will be the same. You may find the elephants face in a different direction from the photo. Maybe a piece of backing fabric or a few beads will differ in color.

Ultimately, be aware of our guarantee. If you are unhappy with what you receive, you can return it for a full refund. These pieces are only available at certain times. And we buy as many as we can get each time, simply because they are highly sought after. So far, we have never had one returned. So you'll appreciate we're pretty confident you'll love what we send you.

Just order as many as you need for your lounge or bedroom.

Standard European and American Size - 40.5cm x 40.5cm (16 x 16 inches)
Fabric care - Wash carefully and very gently in cool water mixed with 2 - tablespoons of baby shampoo. Do not wring. Hang away from direct sunlight for about 1 hour, to drain. Then dry flat away from direct heat.



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